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Married Women Looking Discreet Affairs

So, men, if you want your wives to stay in your bed, and only yours, try paying more attention to them, especially just before their 37th birthday.

Older Woman/Younger Man Relationship Movies/Series

I feel like she wants me and her husband; this is killing me; I just want to be with her more than anything.

The 3 Different Ages When People Are Most Likely To Cheat

When she actually saw the age of the girl on the docs as he was trying to marry her asap she was 16 going to be 17! This person knew this bothered me and my husband knew as well.

The Age At Which Women Are Most Likely To Cheat

A relationship should make your life better, not worse.

5 Reasons Why Women Have Affairs

Six months after our toilet cubicle frisson, we were post-coital and slumped on the office floor after having sex on her desk.

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Then the three of us meet together from there.

Dear Bossip: I’m Having An Affair With An Older Married Man From Work

Sleeping with a married man from your job will only make your situation worse because when it ends, and it ends horribly, everyone will know your business, the work environment will become difficult, and it will create a hostile environment to be in.

Married Women Looking Discreet Affairs

He was right and young love is good and dead.

I’m A Married Woman Who Had An Affair And This Is What It Taught Me

Remember always to to protect yourself from STDs! If so, this is the guide for you.

5 Reasons Why Women Have Affairs

Maybe that is because of the scars she still wears after a horrible upbringing, or because she is the sort of person who likes to do bad things and hurt people.